So there I was …

Working away on my Government issued laptop (a Dell if you really have to know). Suddenly …

Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash … Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash … Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash …

Blue Screen of Death

So I thinking to myself “Golly!  When was the last time I had that happen on my MacBook?”

Then I suddenly remembered I have a Mac at home and we don’t get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on a Mac.  Microsoft.  Double ugh!!!  Thank the Gods that I follow the old network administrator’s advice of “Jesus saves and so should you.”

Hey, I just write them.  I don’t explain them.


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  1. 😂😂😂😂😂 don’t be so sure . My iPhone gave me a green screen and then that was that. Brought back bad memories of Windows computers crashing😩 my first computer was a Dell .

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