So I come home after work …


And these are waiting for me in my crab apple tree out front of my place.  The tree is full of these blooms but their fragrance isn’t there yet.  Maybe tomorrow if I’m lucky and the good Lord is willing.  I love this time of year when the crab apple trees are in bloom.  Everything else is right behind them and the weather looks perfect for the next week for the blooms.

So there I was …

Working away on my Government issued laptop (a Dell if you really have to know). Suddenly …

Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash … Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash … Flash … Flash … Flash .. Flash …

Blue Screen of Death

So I thinking to myself “Golly!  When was the last time I had that happen on my MacBook?”

Then I suddenly remembered I have a Mac at home and we don’t get the dreaded Blue Screen of Death on a Mac.  Microsoft.  Double ugh!!!  Thank the Gods that I follow the old network administrator’s advice of “Jesus saves and so should you.”

Hey, I just write them.  I don’t explain them.

A Couple Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


Yes, thru this nasty and dirty window the sunrise is flooding into my office and I’m loving it despite the dirt on the window.  No, they won’t clean windows now nor fix burnt out light bulbs.  We have some rather nasty landlords that want us out, out, out so they can turn this place into a hotel.  Personally I’d be gone in a New York minute and I’d work from home if they would let me.  Of course the apt phrase is “if they would let me” … which they won’t.

Swamp Thing is up to something.  She’s fishing for something and she’s been awfully nice to me lately.  I suspect she wants to drag me into her swamp of get me to fight with my work partner.  She’s so blatantly obvious with her overtures that even a blind person could see them coming.  I’d say she’s trailer park trash but I don’t want to insult trailer parks.

Another month and another audit report to work thru.  God, I live for days like these.  Yes, that was sarcastic.

Saturday starts my planting season once again!  Woo hoo!!!  Bells are ringing, whistles are blowing, fireworks are exploding!  I love the start of a new season.

Ok, let’s get some work done or at the very least act like we’re attempting to get some work done.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Ola!” as you pass by.