Tuesday Night


It doesn’t look like much but it’s sun and it’s blue skies and it’s warm and it’s glorious.  Plus it’s also headed east for you ladies in Cheese Land and parts east of there are in for some warm weather once again.  I’m loving it.

I have some roses to plant tomorrow and a lawn to mow.  My asparagus plants … well, most have to be replaced since they appear to have not survived this past winter.  I’m a bit Irish stubborn and I refuse to give up on growing them.  So we’ll order some new plants and try again.


10 thoughts on “Tuesday Night

      1. Wonderful… Ah! I hope it’ll have transformed to that wonderful place you have in mind… Though I guess the reason I don’t see Africa as beautiful as you see it is cause I’m used to it and well, it’s the normal, so my mind is wired to point out the not so good things, but well, well. Where would you like to visit in Africa?

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