Tuesday Night


It doesn’t look like much but it’s sun and it’s blue skies and it’s warm and it’s glorious.  Plus it’s also headed east for you ladies in Cheese Land and parts east of there are in for some warm weather once again.  I’m loving it.

I have some roses to plant tomorrow and a lawn to mow.  My asparagus plants … well, most have to be replaced since they appear to have not survived this past winter.  I’m a bit Irish stubborn and I refuse to give up on growing them.  So we’ll order some new plants and try again.

But first a short walk


I have nothing for a mid-morning snack considering I forgot my bag this morning.  So I decided to take a quick walk to get a couple bagels.  But first a did a stop over the skywalk going over the light rail just to see how a couple pics using my iPhone would turn out.  I’m OK with them but I do wonder how they would look taken at night and in B&W.

The bagel was excellent and the views were pretty good too.


Tuesday Morning


I have decided that I’m starting to lose my memory.  I must be.  I left my lunch and my fruit snacks sitting in my car when I got out to walk to the train this morning.  And then I stood there in my office this morning wondering just where in the hell I left my lunch and stuff and it dawned on me that it’s still sitting in my car.  It also dawned on me that I have yet to get gas for my car as well.  Ugh!  What else?

So I suppose I’ll have to make a run over to the Caribou from a breakfast bagel and then place an order to Jimmy John’s for a sandwich for lunch.  The gas can wait another day since I have to stop at the market on the way home for some more fruit.  I also think that I’ll blame the distractions on “Swamp Thing” since she’s up to something and it can only be no good.  God I hate those people at work who live to cause drama.  It gets my Irish up knowing that there is some scheming going on when I have other things to do.

Where was I?  Oh yeh.

I wonder where the hell I left my lunch, yogurt and fruit.  Maybe I’ll find it all back later.