It’s kinda nice just sitting here listening to it rain.


It kind of reminds me of rainy days when I was a kid.  I’d grab a book and sit in a chair by the window and read while there was a nice steady rain outside.  The breeze would have a bit of a chill to it and we’d grab a quilt or one of Dad’s old, green wool Army blankets to stay warm.  I’d sit there reading and listening to the raindrops fall from the sky and splash in the puddles.  It would be so relaxing that I’d fall to sleep after a while.

I have a little rain music playing that I found on YouTube.  I hope it doesn’t put me to sleep.  My work day isn’t over.

Monday Morning


Hey, it’s a wet one out there this morning.  My yard looks like it has a bad haircut with the grass growing here and there and everywhere right now.  It will all hopefully dry out come Thursday or Friday so I can get it cut and under control.  At least the 10 day weather forecast is looking really good starting Thursday.

I like how this rain is being soaked into all of the garden soil that I just put in my beds.  I’m more than happy just to let it keep raining and raining and letting it soak in.  Yep, just keep settling all that new dirt so the gummys and I can plant some seeds come Saturday.  The down side is the stuff that I put in definitely has some cow manure in it.  Yeh,  It’s a bit aromatic when I walk by the beds.