Big Boy and I managed to make it thru today


Well, he had an easier time of it I would think.  My mind is still moosh right now.  Its a terrible place to be in and I wish it on no one.  It seems so odd that we are cruising right along and then we’re piled up so unexpectedly.  What’s worse is how muddled my thinking is and how simple things put me into a panic for now.

Something must have spilled on the bottom of the oven and the next thing I know there is smoke everywhere and my Nest is telling me the alarm will go off.  All of a sudden I couldn’t figure out how to open the windows to air out the house nor did I have a clue what to do next.  Someone showed at that moment to check on me and everything was quickly sorted but it took me an 20 minutes to calm down.

So here’s to hoping tomorrow is a better day.

Random Thoughts for Hump Day


This handsome fellow came to call this morning.  I thought he looked rather resplendent in his suit of yellow.

Wow!  Another May is checked off the calendar.  I guess it didn’t end the way that I’d want it to end; not like anyone would want their May to end this way either.  But let’s stay positive and move on to June.

I woke up this morning feeling a lot better.  Then I sat up.  Yeh.  That was different.  It’s a frustrating experience for me when you’re so used to being independent and able to do for yourself all of the time.  I’m still on a self imposed driving ban for now.  It will be interesting to see how I get to the market fairly soon let alone get my grass mowed.  I also somehow lost my gold chain and cross that I bought in Kuwait.  I hope I can find that back soon.  I know I had it on Sunday morning.

I’m looking forward to June.  I checked my garden last night and everything look like it was coming along nicely except for my sweet potatoes.  I’m a little worried about them.  They need some heat; a lotta heat in order to do well.  This second half of May has been a bit cool but they are hanging in there.  I’ll feel better once the weather goes to a normal June for central Minnesota.

Check this outCheck out my friend Mickey’s WP at He does some really good photography and posts some interesting pics on his WP.  Give him a follow too while you’re at it.  He’s alright for a Navy guy.

I’m a temporary Weeble

That’s how I refer to myself right now.  You know about Weebles, right?

Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down.”

I’m just hoping that I don’t fall down and I’m hoping tomorrow is a bit better than today.  Someone asked me if I planned to get back to walking real soon.  I said “No, the ground in the backyard is a lot softer than concrete.”  I don’t think some understand my sense of humor at times.

As Far As Those Weird Red Flashing Lights At the White House Goes …


That’s normal.  Ummmm … yeh … normal.  It was nothing more than … ummm … a red … oh yeh! …  an early Christmas light demonstration.  Yeh!  That was it!

It’s not like a orb was malfunctioning or the alien overlords were teleporting in to visit with the POTUS.  There’s absolutely nothing to see here. Blame Obama and Clinton!

Who’s this Spicer guy?  I’d make a better Press Secretary.