A thought for Thursday




Hump Day Morning


So it’s another wet one this morning for central Minnesota.  It’s cool out there as well.  “Cool” is defined as anything below 55*F and not snowing.   Anything that’s cool and has that icky bad stuff is commonly referred to as “Early Spring” around here.  No, I really don’t think I want to tell you what tomorrow’s sunrise temps are forecasted to be.  Let’s just say that we could be keeping pace with Miss Anna’s Sweden.

It was doggone cool out there in that damp and I took a quick look for my gloves.  Gloves?  Where are you?  I forgot my gloves this morning which is kind of a God awful thought once you really stop to think about it.  Gloves.  In late April.  God, where am I living at where one needs gloves on their hands in late April???

At least the coffee is strong and hot and it steels my resolve back up.  I may just maybe wanna kinda sorta actually talk to one of our staff members this morning.  Nah!!!  Let’s not go to extremes on a Wednesday.

Let’s take a walk

I was a few thousand steps behind after I got home for work, so it was time to change clothes and have some supper.  There was a nice light rain coming down when I finished up with supper.  I put on my hat, on went a good rain proof coat and I grabbed an umbrella.


I got a couple blocks from home and the light rain decided to come down at a steady pace.  It wasn’t hard; just a good soaking rain.  Light traffic, no barking dogs and no yelling kids.  Everyone was all buttoned up inside except some nut out for a walk.


We get a little further down the course and you can smell the smoke from a wood fire that someone decided to have.  Others must have thought it was a good idea because there some other houses that decided that a fire on a day like today was a good idea.  The fireood smoke smelled kinda good as it drifted on the wet air.  Maybe it’s just me but I kinda like that smell.


I also noted that my mini umbrella was a bit worse for wear since one of the arms was broken.  It still kept the rain off but that’s one umbrella that is going to meet the recycle gods and be replaced with a new one.  It doesn’t matter.  It was a nice quiet night for a walk other than listening to the cars go by as Moms and Dads were going home.


So my Fitbit had done it’s little celebration party on my wrist and my shoes were wet from the rain.  It was time to head on home for some dry clothes and dry socks.


Oh yeh.  I had baked some pecan bars after work tonight, so there was a little treat for me when I got home.  I’ll have to take these things in tomorrow.  They’re extremely addictive.

Well now. What would you say?

My boss gave me a quick call a little while ago because I sent out an email to the local staff.  I went to rinse out my coffee pot and clean my coffee cup but couldn’t because our office shared sink was full of dirty dishes.  Dirty dishes that had been sitting around for two days.  He was apparently a bit peeved cuz my email said something like …

We don’t have a maid and your mother doesn’t work here; so clean out your dirty dishes out of the sink now or just know that the person who threw them into the trash bin was me.  Others need to use the sink too.”

It’s amazing how fast it was emptied.

He said I was too callous. I told him I was disappointed that I actually didn’t get to throw anything away.

He said I needed to be more understanding.  I said that there was absolutely no misunderstanding.  People were being pigs and they were called out for it.  Then I asked why he was defending pigs.

He said he was considering a reprimand.  I said that I’d be sure to include my Congressman in my reply back to him and that I was sure that my Congressman would be more than thrilled by an action of this sort by him considering that VA management has this great reputation with the US Congress lately.  Then I asked him if he wanted to be known by the Congress for defending pigs.

I haven’t heard a response back.  I wonder if I was a little over the top?  I told you I was a bit irritable today.

No Miss C.  “Irritable” not “grumpy“.