The end of April


My 57th April is completing itself.  It will all be over in a few short hours and we move on to another month in our life.  The month ends cold and grey and wet and it reminds me of how the month started.  Hopefully the coming month will be warmer with plenty ow sunshine and warm breezes.  I’m really looking forward to this cold front moving out so SPring can take hold once again.  Such is the seasons in central Minnesota.

I’ve been thinking a lot about the books that my gummys are starting to read.  They do so well with the Dr. Seuss books that I bought for them so I thought I would expand their minds and their imagination somewhat.  I purchased some hard copies of Beatrix Potter’s novels for the girls to read.  I think it’s a good time to introduce them to Peter Rabbit and others since I was about their age when they were introduced to me.  I hope they enjoy reading the books as much as I did when I read them.

I looked out the front window and noticed how dark it’s gotten since I started writing this.  The electric candle is lit in the window once again and rain on the window reflects the light.  Everything is buttoned up for the night and I think it’s time to go climb under the covers.  It’s going to be an early morning for me.

Art Sunday #120: Pablo Picasso – Girl Before A Mirror


Girl before a Mirror is a painting by Pablo Picasso that was painted in March, 1932.  The painting has been widely known for its varied interpretations of the lover and the beloved.  Girl Before a Mirror was painted during Picasso’s cubism period.

The painting is of woman looking into a mirror and the image is different which forms the basis of the interpretation. The woman in the painting is shown to be beautiful with smooth complexion and big eyes. The colors have been given to enhance the beauty of the woman.  The front part painted with choicest of colors merges with rough colors that reflect in the mirror to highlight the difference.

Picasso was married when he met Marie-Thérèse Walter who is the subject of the painting. During the 1930s, she became his favorite subject and in this painting he used colors and symbols to show the different ways he viewed her and the ways that she viewed herself.  The art work is considered erotic in Picasso’s art, and received a wide range of reactions and interpretations.

How Pablo Picasso views his beloved forms the understanding of one interpretation where her beauty is the subject. The yellow side of her face represents happy times with Picasso. The bright colors represent the times together. This side of her face shows her youth in the makeup free completion. This woman is painted with colors that increase her beauty.

The reflection represents the other interpretation of how she views herself. The colors used here are dark and make her look very old. Instead of happiness the meaning here is more of hate and unhappiness, fear and as if aging is getting on to her indicative of her fear of losing her youth.