Saturday Morning

What a busy, busy morning.  Two trips to the compost yard for garden soil and the new bed is filled and the two long beds are topped off. That was a bit of a workout for an older guy and I’m sure that my back will let me know later on just how upset it is with me.  I gotta concede that the garden soil that I got at the compost yard is far, far better (and lots cheaper) than what I’d get at my store of dreams.  I’ll get a nice long and hot shower to make my back shut up.  If that doesn’t work, there’s always Aleve.

I had to grid off two of the beds but at least that is done and now I can think about planting other crops.  I noticed that I had some fingerling potatoes that are starting to go to seed and I planted them in my potato bed to see if they will grow.  It will be really cool if they do.  If they don’t; I guess nothing ventured is nothing gained.  I’m thinking about trying my hand at garlic while I’m at it this year.  I not too sure how I would go about growing them much less keeping them but it’s something to do a little research on.

SO I have some pumpkin seeds started indoors and under a grow light.  My bed for peppers has this nice, loomy soil that breaks apart so nice in my hands.  All I need to plant them is some warmer weather.  I have plans to plant some more peas and plant some green beans next weekend.  So it looks like my planting season is really kicking off now.