So here I sit on a Friday night


The work week is over and we traveled over to Vee Dub so they could get the one last repair done to my ride.  Once again they were slow for a Friday and they asked if I wanted it done today instead of waiting until tomorrow.  Hey, Momma didn’t raise no fool; so I took a quick walk over to TGIFridays for an early supper of soup and salad.  The down side is having to walk thru a lot full of brand new vehicles on my way out.

New cars!  I love how they look and I love how they smell.  They’re sleek and exotic and entrancing.  They’re like a woman dressed to the 9’s.  They call to me like Greek Sirens beckoning me to come look at them.  So enticing but the rocks that I would crash on will be the monthly payment that comes with them.  Ugh!  It takes all that I have inside of me to look away.  I had to brave that walk twice but Hey, I’m a guy and I like to look.

So that’s all out of the way, my new raised bed is in place and we have a trip to the compost place in the morning.  I’m getting kind of exciting that a new growing season is even closer for me.


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