So here I sit on a Friday night


The work week is over and we traveled over to Vee Dub so they could get the one last repair done to my ride.  Once again they were slow for a Friday and they asked if I wanted it done today instead of waiting until tomorrow.  Hey, Momma didn’t raise no fool; so I took a quick walk over to TGIFridays for an early supper of soup and salad.  The down side is having to walk thru a lot full of brand new vehicles on my way out.

New cars!  I love how they look and I love how they smell.  They’re sleek and exotic and entrancing.  They’re like a woman dressed to the 9’s.  They call to me like Greek Sirens beckoning me to come look at them.  So enticing but the rocks that I would crash on will be the monthly payment that comes with them.  Ugh!  It takes all that I have inside of me to look away.  I had to brave that walk twice but Hey, I’m a guy and I like to look.

So that’s all out of the way, my new raised bed is in place and we have a trip to the compost place in the morning.  I’m getting kind of exciting that a new growing season is even closer for me.

5 for Friday


It’s that time of week once again where I have to reach out with my feelings and use “The Force” to come up with something.

1. I can’t tell if it’s going to be sunny or cloudy or what today.  Maybe it’s going to be partly sunny.  All I know is I want it to start warming up.

2. We have a yard work weekend.  It’s time to fill in the one new bed and to top off the others.  It’s time to start looking at getting some new plants and putting them into the ground.  One more weekend of season transitional waiting and it’s off to the races.

3. One of the guys that I work with retires today and I took some time to think just how many of us are left now.  Out of the 44 people on site that I started working with in 2010, there are only three left.  Everyone else moved on for one reason or another.  I got used to seeing people quickly coming and going when I was in the military but a turnover rate like I’ve seen lately around this place seems so very odd and unusually high to me.  Maybe it’s just me.

4. I’ll be glad to see the weather warm back up.  I get it that this is central Minnesota and this is typical weather for this time of year but I sure would enjoy feeling a warm May.  It is nice seeing the sunlight lighting up the trees across the street as the sun rises in the eastern sky.  It gives me hope.

5.  The guy that was here to turn my lawn irrigation system on for the season loved my raised garden beds.  I think he’s gonna borrow the design for himself  so he can make some and sell them on the side.  I told him I got it off the net myself so it’s not like it’s my design.  Hey, more power to him if he can make a few more bucks to support his family.

There ya have it for this week.  Feel free to comment and/or wave a vigorous “Hidey Ho & Hey!” as you pass thru.