Thursday Night


So I’m sitting here thinking of what to say and then I look outside.  It’s grey and wet and brrrr out there.  No, you really don’t wanna know what the temp is out there right now.  I don’t even wanna know what the temp is out there.  And you’re probably thinking to yourself “Hey Jim.  Why is it so brrrr this time of year in central Minnesota?

Yanno, I think it has something to do with all of the Swedes that moved here back in the day.  I think they brought some of that Swedish weather with them so they wouldn’t feel so homesick and it just stuck around here ever since then.  It’s a good thing I have one of those wall thermostat thingees to warm the house back up.  It should be all back to normal come next Wednesday anywho.

In the meanwhile, I think it’s a hot tea night in this house.


13 thoughts on “Thursday Night

  1. It must have been really cold in Sweden before the big numbers of moves to Minnesota. We still have cold weather here, so if they took Swedish coldness with them, they left too much of that here! “Pling”

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    1. I have decided that the Swedes are a generous and sharing sorta people but it was only 3C when I started my yard work this morning. it has warmed to a tropical 12C. Brrrrr! send this north. “pling”

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      1. Brrrr! We had at least 10C here today, but with winds from north it felt like -10C! I hope you get some sun and warm says soon. We all need that after icky bad white stuff season. “Pling”


  2. A Perfectmindstorm

    Right now, here in this town I am living in at 7:34 PM it is 82* , heat index 87* . But that is cool compared to some of the towns south of me that reached the 100* mark today . It’s almost May, surely your weather will stabilize soon and then before you know it, you will be complaining about that Minnesota heat.

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  3. Tea sounds like a good idea but your almost Swede bashing calls for an apology to Anna. The present day Swedes didn’t send their weather to you. Mama America or Norte Americana just does this all on her own. Happy Thursday night. ~~dru~~

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