Hump Day Morning


So it’s another wet one this morning for central Minnesota.  It’s cool out there as well.  “Cool” is defined as anything below 55*F and not snowing.   Anything that’s cool and has that icky bad stuff is commonly referred to as “Early Spring” around here.  No, I really don’t think I want to tell you what tomorrow’s sunrise temps are forecasted to be.  Let’s just say that we could be keeping pace with Miss Anna’s Sweden.

It was doggone cool out there in that damp and I took a quick look for my gloves.  Gloves?  Where are you?  I forgot my gloves this morning which is kind of a God awful thought once you really stop to think about it.  Gloves.  In late April.  God, where am I living at where one needs gloves on their hands in late April???

At least the coffee is strong and hot and it steels my resolve back up.  I may just maybe wanna kinda sorta actually talk to one of our staff members this morning.  Nah!!!  Let’s not go to extremes on a Wednesday.