Well now. What would you say?

My boss gave me a quick call a little while ago because I sent out an email to the local staff.  I went to rinse out my coffee pot and clean my coffee cup but couldn’t because our office shared sink was full of dirty dishes.  Dirty dishes that had been sitting around for two days.  He was apparently a bit peeved cuz my email said something like …

We don’t have a maid and your mother doesn’t work here; so clean out your dirty dishes out of the sink now or just know that the person who threw them into the trash bin was me.  Others need to use the sink too.”

It’s amazing how fast it was emptied.

He said I was too callous. I told him I was disappointed that I actually didn’t get to throw anything away.

He said I needed to be more understanding.  I said that there was absolutely no misunderstanding.  People were being pigs and they were called out for it.  Then I asked why he was defending pigs.

He said he was considering a reprimand.  I said that I’d be sure to include my Congressman in my reply back to him and that I was sure that my Congressman would be more than thrilled by an action of this sort by him considering that VA management has this great reputation with the US Congress lately.  Then I asked him if he wanted to be known by the Congress for defending pigs.

I haven’t heard a response back.  I wonder if I was a little over the top?  I told you I was a bit irritable today.

No Miss C.  “Irritable” not “grumpy“.


58 thoughts on “Well now. What would you say?

      1. yeh, but in my experience you ladies have that “swag” that goes with a statement like that. They’d just look at me like I had corn growing out of my ears if I said that. so I did the NCO thing instead.

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  1. A Perfectmindstorm

    Grumpy, irritable, it’s all the same, but I love ya anyway ♥♥♥ I give you credit. I would have just thrown them away, no email warning.

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  2. portapatetcormagis

    Hm, do you think you hit a sore spot with your boss? Maybe half the dishes were his?

    Maybe next time you could try something along the lines of

    My dear co-workers
    It really bothers me that I have to approach you with such a profane matter, but your showing respect to those who care about washing their dishes by keeping the kitchen and the sink clean would be appreciated beyond imagination
    Sincerely yours,

    (woah! this is difficult in English! Along those lines.)
    Not sure this would work any better than your more direct approach ^^

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  3. Awww..your BOSS is also (apparently) wearing his crabby pants today..because EVERY office in America and the world has that same problem you pointed out. In my last office kitchen there was a laminated sign stuck over the sink that read generally the same things you put in your email. The office OCDer (the office manager as she liked to be called) WOULD throw your dirty dishes away too…regardless if they were expensive Pyrex which you were soaking in there to take the grunge from your microwaved mac & cheese off of. She had a thing about maids and mothers … I’m with you actually. I HATE the smell of three day old tuna fish and moldly tupperware…

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      1. I’ll start with the Mustang. of course that will mean having to take it somewhere to be disposed of. I’ll have to keep it while I figure that one out. 🙂

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