Monday Morning


So here I sit with everything caught up an nothing new coming in.  If I were a responsible person, I would find something to do like do some on-line training or something along those lines.  Then again, I think the operative word here is “responsible” because I don’t feel like being too responsible right now.  I jiggle my mouse for my work laptop every now and then so my on-line status shows “Active” in lieu of “Idle”.  It does make for a long day tho.  I have stuff waiting in the wings that I’ll work on tomorrow since I would much rather be idled at home versus being idled downtown.


18 thoughts on “Monday Morning

      1. I had a great Monday for being a Monday. I talked with so many nice people today. But the weather, well, freezing cold, very windy, rain and that icky bad white stuff combined with hard winds. The weather was not a good Monday weather! “Pling”

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