Hump Day Morning


My supervisor sent me a text this morning saying he was feeling not so good and would I mind being his “acting” this morning?  Pffft!  Sure!  Why not?  He must have lost his damn  mind to put me in charge this morning.  Today is looking to me like it would be a good day to make it a “short” work day.  I’m all for improving morale in the work place and what better place to start other than with me?  This is called “the power of positive thinking“.  Hey, I’m a proactive kinda guy.

This is what one gets when they leave me alone without any adult supervision.  He has no one other than himself to blame.  My failings are well know and should come as no surprise to anyone.

Ha ha!  Take the day off and leave me in charge.  Don’t act all surprised when you return and find nothing was accomplished today.


11 thoughts on “Hump Day Morning

  1. portapatetcormagis

    Admit it! You got more work done than on days when your boss is in ^^

    Usually works for me. As long as boss isn’t messing around the work gets done. Heaven forbid he tries to join in!

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