Hump Day Evening


I love walking in the rain.  I haven’t always and especially when I was young.  Walking in the rain usually meant I was soaked to the bone or had soaking wet shoes at the very least.  It also meant go to extremes to avoid stepping on the worms that seemed to invade the sidewalks and the streets.  Stepping on them was … ummm … OK, let’s not talk about that.  Let’s just leave it at avoiding them if at all possible.

Back to the walk.

It was good and in a light rain.  It gives one time to think or at the very least try to avoid being ran over by soccer Moms and soccer Dads in soccer vans who are trying to get home.  They’re damn dangerous in those things.  A fella could get killed by them and their not paying attention to the world around them because they’re too busy yapping on a mobile phone or trying to appease lil’ Suzy who’s hungry and is letting the world know just how unhappy she is about her situation.

That was a nice run on sentence.  I’ll let the grammar Nazis chew on that one.  The walk was great!

That moment when …


The Director asks “Do you have your supervisor’s training presentation for 1 o’clock this afternoon?

Me:  “Training?  What training?  He didn’t say anything about training to me nor did he give me anything.  Sooooo … no.”

Ya think this is the reason he called in sick this morning???

Hump Day Morning


My supervisor sent me a text this morning saying he was feeling not so good and would I mind being his “acting” this morning?  Pffft!  Sure!  Why not?  He must have lost his damn  mind to put me in charge this morning.  Today is looking to me like it would be a good day to make it a “short” work day.  I’m all for improving morale in the work place and what better place to start other than with me?  This is called “the power of positive thinking“.  Hey, I’m a proactive kinda guy.

This is what one gets when they leave me alone without any adult supervision.  He has no one other than himself to blame.  My failings are well know and should come as no surprise to anyone.

Ha ha!  Take the day off and leave me in charge.  Don’t act all surprised when you return and find nothing was accomplished today.