Tuesday Morning


It’s wet out there right now.  It’s great weather if you’re a duck or someone like me that likes rain.  Unfortunately, weather like this makes me want to curl up someplace with a good book or my iPad and I’d end up falling asleep.  What’s the down side to that because I really can’t think of any.  Now that I look at that last sentence, I’m wondering if it’s a question or a thought?  Who knows.  I’m sure someone here on WP has the answer to that.


6 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

  1. Haha! When I saw the photo in my newsfeed … 1st thought was … ‘that looks like an awesome day’ lol …
    Dancing then iPad and a long ass Nap … You can’t get much better than that 🙂

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  2. I love to stay cuddled under my down comforter with the windows open, listening to the rain fall gently on the ground, the roof, the leaves….it’s comforting……then I fall asleep…..

    I don’t like Thunderstorms. But I grew to love them when Nick would hold me. I have to start all over with storms. I don’t think I’ll like them anymore.

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