Monday Afternoon


Things continue to green up around here which is just fine by me.  The peas still look good since I’ve transplanted them and the strawberries are starting to come back to life.  It’s still way too early for most other things for right now.  I checked planting dates with the university extension office web site and I pretty much hit the planting dates for carrots and onions and peas.  The rest?  That will have to wait until the middle of next month tho I am going to look for some small pots for starting the pumpkin seeds indoors.

I keep thinking about putting some hanging planter boxes off of my deck railing and then filling them with some flowers that will take some full sun.  The thoughts that I have on this is I’d like some sort of flower box that reminds me of the window flower boxes that I saw in Austria and Bavaria.  I engineered how I could do it just sitting here.  Now I just have to get the materials and start them.

Man, I need a life.  LOL!