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  1. Cute bunny! And it’s alive. I found a unlucky baby hare, well pieces of it. Fox had probably been around. Sad but that’s natures terms. “Pling”

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  2. Happy Easter to you, Jim!

    Cute bunny out there in your garden. Is this one of the bunnies you fed during winter but never met?

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      • Lyric probably should have been “dropping down the bunny trail” I had a pet (indoor) rabbit as a child. Indoors you can pick up the don’t mistake this for chocolate drops with the vacuum hose however.

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      • Well my Twitch had an indoor cage until my mother backed over it while it was drying out from a good cleaning; I’d left it in the driveway behind the car so I didn’t get water spots on the car while hosing the cage down.

        After that, to my Father’s very real consternation, he had the run of the house, should have seen him hopping up the stairway to my bedroom and then he’d sometimes make a gigantic jump up onto my bed for a back rub. He loved back rubs but try to actually hold him or pick him up and he’d kick the “H*ll out of you or bite. I had a rather odd childhood.
        drama queen dru

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