Easter Morning


The sun streamed in my front window warm and yellow this morning.  It felt good just to look at it as I sat here with my early morning coffee.  It’s nice and quiet out there for an Easter Sunday morning and that’s just fine by me.  I’m in no particular hurry this morning.  “Everything in due time today” is gonna be the catch phrase for today.  I just gotta keep an eye out on the weather today since there’s a chance for rain.  That will screw up an Easter egg hunt this afternoon.

Oh yeh.  I saw the Easter Bunny out back of my place this morning.  I’m pretty sure whatever it was leaving it my yard shouldn’t be mistaken for chocolate.


Art Sunday #118: Salvador Dali -The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table


The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used As a Table is a small Surrealist oil painting by Salvador Dalí. Its full title is The Ghost of Vermeer of Delft Which Can Be Used as a Table (Phenomenologic Theory of Furniture-Nutrition).  It makes reference to The Art of Painting by Johannes Vermeer, a famous seventeenth-century work in which a painter, thought to be a self-portrait of Vermeer, is depicted with his back to us, in distinctive costume.  It is one of a number of paintings expressive of Dalí’s enormous admiration for Vermeer.

Vermeer is represented as a dark spindly figure in a kneeling position. The figure’s outstretched leg serves as a table top surface, on which sits a bottle and a small glass. This leg tapers to a baluster-like stub; there is a shoe nearby. The walls and the distant views of the mountains are based on real views near Dalí’s home in Port Lligat.  In Vermeer’s painting the artist leans on a maulstick, and his hand is painted with an unusual blurriness, perhaps to indicate movement. In Dalí’s painting Vermeer rests the same arm on a crutch.

It is unsigned and undated but known to have been completed c.1934.  It is currently on display at the Salvador Dalí Museum in St. Petersburg, Florida, on loan from the E. and A. Reynolds Morse collection.

Source:  https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Ghost_of_Vermeer_of_Delft_Which_Can_Be_Used_As_a_Table