Saturday Morning


There’s one thing that I forgot to get for this year’s gardening season; rubber boots.  Yeh.  They may not be stylish but there is one big upside to having a pair of these.  Having them would make working in the wet grass mucher betterer versus having wet shoes.  Oops!  No matter.  We’ll recover regardless of not thinking ahead.

This is a good day to transplant my peas regardless of the on again off again rain.  My marigolds are showing no signs of life and the same goes for the carrots that the girls and I planted last weekend.  I’m sure they’ll come up sooner or later and it’s only been a week.  Patience.  Yeh, that’s not me.


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19 thoughts on “Saturday Morning”

  1. Rubber boots are good to have. And there are stylish ones out there! With flowery patterns or ladybirds on them. And even with high heels!
    You’d look phantastic doing garden work in such fancy booties 😉

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      1. They’d come over and you could hand them a shovel or whatever and then just stand there in your fancy booties watching them do your work ^^

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