Friday Night


It’s been an on again off again rain day.  I had to finish off my 10,000 steps today so there was a walk in a light misty rain with umbrella in hand.  It came in handy since it turned into a light rain but it was nice none the less.  It felt good to have that slightly damp feel to my hoody when I got back.  Maybe it’s weird or just me.

Everything is starting to green up around my place.  Maybe I’ll get lucky with that old saying of “April showers brings May flowers“.  A quick look outside reinforced the need to clean up the mulch around my roses once the peas are transplanted.  It will keep me busy on Monday after I get back from seeing a friend about some minor body repairs to Petey.

So we ended Good Friday with some baked cod for supper, a bit of a walk and then filling some plastic eggs for the gummys to find on Sunday.  All in all it’s not been a bad day.


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