Thursday Night


I’m sitting here looking outside every now and then watching as the grey skies grow darker and darker.  There’s a mist in the air tonight.  It’s alright because I kind of like it.  A train horn was howling off in the distance.  It sounded kind of sad and lonely to me on a night like this.  It reminded me of how the trains sounded when they passed thru town.  The wheels would clack away whenever they passed over the crossing and the horns would sound as it passed thru town.   It was a nice sound to fall to sleep with.

The hardware door replaced the screening in my front door insert and I attempted to insert it today after work.  The emphasis is on the word “attempted” since it failed.  Yeh.  They managed to bow in the middle of the frame and it no longer fit properly in the door.  Lucky me.  It was a trip back to the hardware store with pics and a couple vids to show them what their work cost me.  They’ll fix it and it’s not like I have a gazillion bugs trying to get inside but it is very annoying.

It’s gotten darker and grown a lot quieter outside.  It will be nice not having to go in to work tomorrow and Monday as well.  I just hope the weekend won’t pass that quickly for me.


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  1. It’s raining here……or maybe it gave up. Thinking about a bonfire on Saturday night again…but I see rain in the forecast. Again. Geez! Have a WONDERFUL Easter, Jim and talk to you again on Monday!!!

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