Random Thoughts for Thursday Morning


It was an interesting commute in this morning.  Too many drunks on the train being too exuberant way too early in the morning.  This discovery was followed by a shouting match between them and a couple other passengers which was followed with a couple ladies using their mobiles to call 911 which was followed up with the drunks beating a hasty retreat out one door of the train while the police came thru another door.  It was like a line out of a classic 1950’s Western “They went that way!”  It made for an interesting start of a day.

Today is my Friday since I have Good Friday off  as well as next Monday.  It’s going to be a good day tomorrow to vacuum out Petey and give her insides a good going over to remove winter’s grime.  I’ll have her clean and sparklie and smelling good in short enough order.  I have the quote to get her rims removed and repainted so they will look like brand new once again.  That’s something to get done before winter I suppose.

I have a wren that has taken up occupancy of one of my bird houses.  It reminded me that I have one that I didn’t put back up after it fell off a tree.  I need to square that one up.

Mmmmm!  Coffee!  Now it’s on to the Thursday meeting.  Wait!  I don’t need coffee.  Where did I put that bottle?


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  1. Ugh. My son once got beaten up by some young drunks on an early morning bus to work. He was about 18. They wanted his mobile (cellphone to you). He didn’t want to give it to them. Can you believe they were on their way to school, straight from a party?

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