Random Thoughts for Wednesday Morning


So it’s a little wet out there this morning.  At least the sun came out yesterday and warmed everything up.  The real down side to yesterday was having to finally concede that my Petey needed new tires on her which meant a ride over to a big box tire shop and having to stick a crowbar into my wallet.  Ouch!  Yeh.  That’s all I’ve got to say when the final price was rung up.  Oh well.  She rides nice now and she’ll go for quite a while with these new shoes on her feet.

I was looking at the weather forecast on Yahoo Weather and I noticed that the background pic for downtown Minneapolis in the dark still shows the Metrodome.  Dudes!  They tore that bad boy down.  I know they did because I watched it go down.  You would think they would update stuff every now and then.

I may be able to transplant my peas come the weekend if this weather hold.  Friday may be a good day to transplant given we have a nice chance for some rain.  It would be good to get the young plants into some wet soil.

I’m still working on my dinner menu for Easter Sunday.  Ugh!  Maybe I’ll just focus on getting the gummy’s Easter baskets ready to go and worry about filling eggs to hide.

It’s 6:30 AM (0630) and one cup of coffee down.  No I’m not motivated to get anything done right now.  Maybe another cup will help.

OK, time to at least act like I’m getting something done today.  Feel free to comment and/or leave a big ol’ smile and wave “HOWDY!” if you want.  Leaving a naughty limerick is fine too.  🙂

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  1. “Petey?” aka Peterbilt? o.O I got tires on Baby (four of the dang things) (Baby is a ’05 PT Cruiser) and it separated me from over $200..but my sympathies. It’s good now and then to open our purses and wallets and give the moths an airing, right? 😉 I’m a new follower and will be reading and commenting going forward! 😀

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  2. *wanders in with her large lolli, licking happily away…..grabs the door knob with sticky fingers and pulls , and pulls, and pulls, then turns the knob and pulls, having trouble letting go of that sticky door knob (you really should wipe that off yanno)…..drops her lolli on the floor, looks at it forlornly, and wanders back to her own page…..*

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