Question for you

So there I was.  Sitting alone at my dining room table.  I had the screen door open while the sunlight streamed in after a God awful cold night.  I was listening to the birds sing, the cars go by and the jets fly in overhead as they were on their way into MSP.  I was being perfectly well behaved because it is Holy Week and I would like to see the Easter Bunny bring me a basket of goodies instead of the mail lady bringing me bills.

Suddenly there was a knock at my front door.


I go to it, open the door and who’s there to my surprise?  Why it’s none other than former President Barack Obama who looks at me and says _____________ (fill in the blank)

So what did he say to me?  Put your thinking caps on and come up with something creative, funny, good, wild, etc.

If it were me, my answer would be …

Hey!  Do you know this guy across the street and do you think we could talk him out of flying his “Trump” flag?

Well I suppose I just lost out on an Easter basket for this year.

Tuesday Morning


Yeh, that’s some of that icky bad white stuff of the ground in downtown Minneapolis.  It happens this time of year.  You move along find going from one season to another and then …


You get this stuff.  Fortunately there wasn’t a lot of this stuff and I had to travel north to see it.  There was quite a bot of it at the airport but what do I care about the airport?  I mean, it’s not like anyone lives at the airport.  It’s just close to where I park my ride so I can catch the train into town.  The sun will be out soon enough and this will all disappear soon.