Random Thoughts for Monday

So here we have started Holy Week with Palm Sunday yesterday.  I have Good Friday and next Monday off which has rattled some of my co-workers.  I love how they scowl and say something along the lines of “You’re not even a Chreaster.”  If you must know, a “Chreaster” is a Catholic that only goes to church who only goes to mass on Christmas and Easter.  And while it’s true that I am non=practicing, there are certain things that I still hold as being something of value.  But don’t ask me to go into a church.  God only knows the roof would fall in from the shear shock of me actually being there for a mass and I don’t want that on my conscience.  I did get a chuckle by seeing some palms yesterday.  It reminded of what my brothers and I used to do with them when we were kids.

It’s a grey and cool morning today for central Minnesota.  The cool breeze feels great but I don’t have to shut the window every now and then when my office gets too cool.  The cool air is great at keeping my MacBook cool tho.

I’m very unmotivated with getting these PowerPoint slides together to present some training tomorrow.  Death by PowerPoint!  That’s kinda aptly put.

I got out my front door screen yesterday only to be confronted by the tear in the screen that I found last Fall.  Oh yeh.  I was gonna get it fixed over the winter when it was cold out and I had plenty of time to get it done before I actually needed it.  Oops!  Oh well.  That’s an unscheduled trip today up to Ace Hardware.

Doggone is my back tight and sore after working with my garden this past weekend.  Thank God for Aleve.

Back to focusing on these stupid slides.  Feel free to comment and or wave a hearty “Howdy Doo!‘ when you pass through.


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  1. 😂 over here everyone gets Easter off regardless if you’re Christians or Chreasters or Buddhists or Muslims. It’s a done deal no one works unless you’re in the hospitality sector or if you’ve volunteered to work on those days.

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