Monday Night


I ran a couple errands after work this afternoon and then the rain came down.  Cold rain.  The kind that hits the back of your neck, travels down your spine and immediately gets your attention.  Actually it makes you butt pucker but I don’t know if I can say something like that around here.  You never really know when little kids, old ladies and priests may be around.  Let’s just leave you with the notion that it gets your attention.

I actually turned the furnace back on around supper time.  It’s gonna be a cool one out there in the morning which means I’ll have to dig my scarf and my gloves back out once again.  Good thing I have a short work day tomorrow.  I suppose the cool weather is a small price to pay with all things considered.

It’s nice inside now that the house has all warmed up.  Maybe a cup of tea would be a good way to top off the evening.

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  1. Sounds cold . We had the fireplace going last night. It’s gas still it’s warm . I haven’t turned on the heater today as yet. The sun is out somewhat .

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