Sunday Afternoon

We were busy this weekend.  One new bed was built but putting it in place is still on hold until I can get a sprinkler head moved.  It’s OK since I have plenty of time still.  I’m not going to get serious about what goes into my garden until the end of this month thru the middle of next month.  It would be nice to do some more planting but you never really know what kind of weather can blow into here out of Canada and the high plains.  It could set you all the way back to Square 1 if you’re not paying attention.

Still the girls and I planting a bunch of Marigold seeds and I robbed the soil from one bed to finish off my other 4X4 bed.  It was some really nice loomy soil so I filled the trench that I made and planted some carrot seeds.  I think I’ll be alright.  The new peas that I started in my starter tray have really taken off and it looks as if I can transplant them next weekend if the weather cooperates.

It was nice getting outside once again with some warm breezes passing by.  The birds are singing and being busy with coming and going at my feeders.  I noticed something started a nest in one of the crab apple trees and another bird my have taken up residence in one of the bird houses that I hung up.  Maybe I should build a couple more with some wider holes.  It looks like it may rain.  I hope it does. I’m loving it with everything waking up.

Art Sunday #117: Gerard ter Borch – The Gallant Conversation


The Gallant Conversation is an oil-on-canvas painting from circa 1654 by Gerard ter Borch (the Younger). A late 18th century French print of the work is titled The Paternal Admonition, apparently believing it showed a father reprimanding his daughter, but modern art historians see it as a conversation between two prospective lovers, either a discussion of a betrothal or, more likely, a customer propositioning a prostitute in a brothel.

The painting shows a man talking to a young woman. The woman is dressed in an exquisite silver satin gown which immediately draws the viewer’s attention to her as the focus of the scene, while the man is in military dress and holds a finely decorated hat on his lap. Next to the man sits an older woman drinking wine, seemingly uninterested in the conversation between the man and the girl. To the side of the girl is a table with a burning candle, mirror, powder puff, combs and a trailing ribbon. Behind the man’s chair, a scruffy dog can be seen, and to the rear of the picture is a large bed.