I love Spring


And everything that starts new with Spring.  Like new buds on the trees and lilacs.  Everything is transitioning as it sheds off the winter brown and starts turning green once again.  Yeh, it’s all good.  But then Spring turns around and says “Not so fast ya dingus.  Remember you have  …


TA DA!!!

Ugh!  My one eye is sore.  Thank God for eye drops but I am such a walking, talking cluster with trying to put the damn things in.  Most completely miss my eye and just roll down my face which I personally believe is meant by design by Wall Street.  I’m sure someone out there is making a fortune off of poor design and deep wallets.


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I think this is the part where you are to write something clever and witty about yourself. I’m solidly locked in middle age and content with myself. I love to travel to see and experience new things, new foods and new drink. I also like to cook and bake mainly because I like to eat. And I found out that I’m pretty good at both. I'm not a professional blogger nor do I want to be. I'll leave that to others while I'll kick back and post whatever suddenly pops into my brain. I'm more spontaneous anyway. And the rest we’ll just kinda sorta figure out as we go along. Feel free to leave comments or even just to say "Hello". Find me at: https://mnghostt.wordpress.com.

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  1. Same thing happened to our family. We were all loving spring’s arrival. Then spring got my son. Then a day or so later my daughter was down. Finally, spring caught up with me. My husband had some kind of forcefield around him while we’ve been taking antihistamines, sucking on cough drops, and eating Tylenol for the past week. Until this morning… spring finally got to him too.

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  2. I had to chuckle at your eye drops escapade, Jim. I was notorious for wearing my eye drops on my cheek/chin. There is a neat little gadget called “Auto Drop” that will make this a thing of the past. You can get it at Walgreen’s and other stores. The manufacturer is Owen’s Mumford if you do a Google search. Good luck!

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      1. I hear you. I used to hate them when visiting the eye doctor but since I have to take them everyday for my glaucoma I got used to it. But I still act like a toddler at the doctor’s. Their dilating drops sting like the dickens.

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  3. Don’t forget excess packaging too. I just bought a box 4″ x 4″ aproximately that held a eyeliner wand not even 1/2″ x 1/2″ inch. It had a complete empty compartment to make the whole package square. There is something to be said for shrink wrap aside from it’s frustrating.

    My condolences on the allergies I have them year ’round now and have forgotten what it is like to live without eye drops and antihistamines. ~~dru~~

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