Five for Friday


Well, here we are once again where my brain and I play our deadly game of cat and mouse to see who ends up being the overlord over the other today.  I wonder who will win?  Let’s get on with it …

1. I ended up ordering one of those Fitbit thingees for my wrist.  All of these hea;thy people that I follow inspired me.  Yep.  Now when you ask me if I’m healthy and can say “Ah heck no.  Wanna see the facts on how I’m dying???”  I feel so much better now.

2. Yanno, I still miss listening to the theme song from Captain Kangaroo when it would play this early in the morning.  What a great show to wake up to.

3. I’m off to my store of dreams this afternoon while a bill of materials in my hand.  I love how exciting a new Spring can be.  This is lotsa yard work in store for this weekend.

4. The planes flying overhead are outbound flights versus inbound.  The winds must be out of the south this morning.  I love the sounds of the planes.  It makes me wonder where they’re headed off to this morning.

5. We’re having warm days but still having very cool to almost cold wee morning hours.  But it’s all good.  The birds are singing and the sun is shining.  “Jacket” morning weather is something that I can deal with.

There ya have it.  Feel free to comment or post a pic of you doing a handstand and leave me a link so I can see it.


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20 thoughts on “Five for Friday”

    1. ohhhhh. so you’re terrible at daily exercise just like me??? I look at it and think

      “Yeh, maybe I should do that? Nahhhh! A cookie is calling my name right now.”

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      1. I’d counter ac its effects by having a glass of wine. yeh, wine. wine is made from grapes. grapes are fruits. fruits are healthy. therefore wine is healthy.

        I like how I can reason this all out. LOL

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