Hump Day Afternoon


I’m hearing a flushing sound in the background and I think it’s safe to say that it’s my next overall rating for my next performance evaluation.  I told my boss off this morning and I did it in front of people using my “Dad” voice.  The “Dad” voice (in case you didn’t know) is where you talk firmly and directly to someone without raising your voice and it’s typically a one-way conversation where you let someone know they are way out of line with a comment or an action.  The action in this case is he gave me a tasker and then proceeded to get multiple people involved and then wanted to lay blame when we crashed and burned.

Yeh, I told him off.  I also pointed out that he hid the tasker from me for 5 weeks, people above me were unavailable when I finally did have it and then there was dead silence for 2 weeks before we found out that higher headquarters hated our response.  So now I’m doing my NCO thing of taking total charge and barking at the people getting in my way.  Too many cooks were in the kitchen and all of the were unceremoniously kicked the hell out of my kitchen.  I also told him that the bottom-line was it was my failure because I trusted people above us and they let us down but as far as people at this level; there was plenty of blame to share (to include him) and there was zero point in trying to affix blame.

It’s totally on me if we screw this up and I suspect he’s waiting in the wings for it to fail.  We’re not going to fail.  I’ve made damn sure of that.  In act, we’re going to exceed expectations.  I still hear that flushing sound tho.  I’ll be the hopeless optimist and think it will all work out somehow.  It felt good to make him back the hell up tho.

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  1. Holy Sh*t Batman, feels good now and I hope it continues that way. Does he really want you to screw up? Remember don’t blame revenge or ill will on something that can just be explained by incompetency. ~~dru~~

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  2. You’ll do great!
    Can’t really imagine you telling someone off – except for the unlucky one to get between you and your coffee.

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