Tuesday Night


I love days like these when I can finally get outside and work in the dirt once again.  My pumpkin patch bed is ready to go as is my green pepper patch.  I can plant some peppers around the end of the month if the weather continues to improve as much as it has.  I think maybe I can plant early thanks to Al Gore’s Global Warming.  What I really need is to get this new raised bed installed and filled so I can top off the two large beds and then fill the trench that I dug in my one bed.

But “patience” is the word for right now and it’s something that I’m not very good at.  I have plenty of other outside work that I can do in the meanwhile.  I know I’m gonna be sore come next Monday.


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  1. Sore in mind from work atmosphere today and sore in body, for Monday at work, from fresh dirt this weekend. Guess you be sore my man. A bit early but HAVE A GREAT DIRTY WEEKEND this weekend. Glad your anticipating already.


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