Tuesday Morning


I didn’t heed the sign this morning.  Had I actually heeded the sign I would have went the other direction and “NOT” actually shown up for work.  The upside is would have missed office drama that I had to endure earlier this morning.  OMG!  Why do grown ass people have to have complete meltdowns over stupid little shit that won’t matter to a hill of beans three months from now?  Why are they having a complete meltdown over stupid crap knowing full well that they are retiring in 3 – 4 weeks from now?

I am convinced that I have a college education so I can babysit grown people.  I must have ‘COME COMPLAIN TO ME” written on my front door.

Is it Friday yet?  Ugh!  Calgon take me away!!!  Oh wait … that would be Grey Goose.  That works better with orange juice and ice.  Hey, whatever it takes to survive the day is A-OK by me.


20 thoughts on “Tuesday Morning

      1. One of her colleagues called her a lingonberry branch putted in a cocktail glass. She was from a little town in north of Sweden and did an international career. He thought she had both the Swedish forests feeling and the international touch in her singing. “Pling”

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      2. We have a south end of the north. The forests of Värmland is the landscape she came from. We have another Swedish jazz singer from Värmland too, Rigmor Gustafsson. She’s a great singer too. “Pling”

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      1. You should come here if you need a vacation!! The weather is perfect and will be so for the next few months. The food is to die for, the views are amazing, and you have so many cool beaches!!

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      2. I was in Spain in 2013 and the views there were great in their dresses and heels. views like that makes an older guy’s heart flutter and then they let out a *sigh*. you European ladies are something else.

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