Monday Night


It doesn’t look it but it’s been raining on and off all day.  It may be a wet morning but it will be a great night for sleeping.  It all doesn’t look like it but I did a little work in my garden as well.  I’ve been dumping coffee grounds little by little and now I’m wondering just how caffeinated two of the beds are.

I think I’m either absent minded or maybe subconsciously trying to hurt myself.  I have some carpal tunnel in my left elbow and I keep banging it into doors and doorways.  Yeh it smarts.  I gotta quit doing it.


6 thoughts on “Monday Night

  1. Oh don’t worry Jim, you are not unconsciously trying to hurt yourself. Just like me something aches just out of real conscious pain and therefore you carry it sort of wrong and therefore it sticks out more than usual and you don’t “fit” where once you did.

    Of course unacknowledged extra fat can be a reason too. Maybe you want to go back to a deep seeded need to hurt yourself. Tah. ~~dru~~

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