Monday Morning


Damp and grey and a bit cool but it’s still 100 times better than this time last month.  I can stand it being damp but I would prefer it if the temps would go up a tad more than they currently are.  Don’t misunderstand it for complaining; cool/cold damp and my arthritis don’t go hand-in-hand.

But I do have to admit that I like how things look in the fog.  I like that hazy look and I especially like it in the early morning hours.  It reminds me of when I was a kid growing up and seeing the deer suddenly appear out of the haze to browse on a field.  They seemed like ghosts with how they came and went in the fog.

OK, it’s time to get some actual work done this morning.


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25 thoughts on “Monday Morning”

    1. I know a number who work in Minnesota but live in Wisconsin. I’m told Wisky has a cheaper income tax rate while Minny has a cheaper sales tax.


      1. OMG lady! you’re way too young unless you’re talking about retiring before age 40. now me, I have 7 years to go and I won’t have a mortgage and you can color me gone then. but then I’ll be 65 and you’ll be what in 7 years? 32? 34?

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      2. I’m not that young Jim😐 Ummm thanks for all of that though! I wish I was in my 30’s ugh! I am going petty close to 50😩 LOL 😂 My hubby is older so when he retires I will be too! That’s the plan anyways!!!

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      3. yeh, I wanna move out of Minnesota and move back to South Dakota. Minnesota is not a tax friendly place for retirees. I’ve been on a couple cruises but they were river cruises.

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      4. Really? Hmm I would’ve never thought that about Minnesota. Try living in CA😩 You need to go on a big cruise ship! It’s the way to travel😍 The only advice I’ll give you is you will either live it or hate it. I haven never heard of it both ways. Lol only seriously.

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      5. I’ll pass on Cali. I have a number of friends that live there and they’ve already gave me the intel on it. maybe I’ll try the big cruise one day but I don’t care for the crowds on them. the river cruises are better for those who don’t care for the crowds. we had like 125 people plus the crew on the Rhine River cruise that I went on. you really get to know the crew too if you take the time to talk to them. I’ve met some very interesting people on them.


      6. Montana is beautiful. I’ve been there and there’s no state income tax. you just need to live with some banana belt weather in the winter and it’s all good at that point.

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  1. OK, it’s time to get some actual work done this morning. <—why?

    I'll bring the fresh churned butter for some fresh baked bread…….*continues to smile innocently*

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