10 comments on “One Lovely Blog Award

  1. 1. ” All of them were hooligans except for me. I was a good kid. ”

    I almost choked on that one 😉 So all those stories you told me were not true then ? 😀

    2. My brother used to bring MRE’s home to my kids. They loved them LOL. The only one I could stomach was the one with the big thick ham slice in it.

    3. Don’t you have more than one degree ? Something like 4 or 5 of them? Or maybe I am thinking of your evil twin…

    4. Speaking of, are you going this year ?

    5.That explains why you sometimes seem grumpy 😉 LOLOL

    6. What are Fall and Spring ??????

    7. Good on not drinking so much soda. Apple juice, not much better, but ya got to treat yourself I guess. I like apple cider, especially fresh from Michigan apples .

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    • sssssshhhhh! I’m shocked that you don’t believe that I was a good kid. and this year gor put off again. guess I go next year.


  2. I don’t participate in award nominations either but never fail to enjoy learning something new about the bloggers I come across on WP. Your root beer mention has me thinking fondly of the root beer sucker the new A&W shop in our neighbourhood was giving out as a promo, it was delicious!

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  3. Everything feels so new and warm after a long, cold winter. I especially like the “warm” part.

    This one I think I could have guessed. You deserve the award Jim, yours IS a lovely blog.

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