Thursday Morning


I love waking up to rain in the morning.  It’s so mucher betterer waking up to that versus waking up to that icky bad white stuff.  Plus I like the way that the light reflects and shines on the street.  It reminds me of the song lyrics out of  “Le Mis” where Eponine sings “the pavement shines like silver“.  That’s my first thought now for whatever reason whenever I see the light reflecting off of the streets and sidewalks.

Oh and they brought in the boom to pump concrete to the construction site next door.  Maybe it’s just me but I find it fascinating to watch it work.



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22 thoughts on “Thursday Morning”

  1. It is fascinating. The University Hospital which is within several blocks of my home had a major pour for their foundation last Saturday night with a huge crane and several smaller ones and trucks and men everywhere. They televised it live and it was hypnotizing.

    I had that we’re going to have a new building that is something like 26 stories in my little town, practically in my little old cottage neighborhood but watching it go up is kinda exciting. ~~dru~~

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