Question for you

So there I was standing out by the Eiffel Tower (hey, I’ve actually done it) completely minding my own business and being a great example of what a tourist should be like.  Yeh, I know it’s hard to believe but I was totally a poster boy of what a good Catholic kid would look like.  Suddenly this lady came up to me and said _______________. (fill in the blank)

Feel free to use your creative imaginations to your limit.

Being the notorious monoglot that I am, I have no earthly clue what she said in what ever language and all I could do is smile and say “Huh???


56 thoughts on “Question for you

      1. good. there are some bat shit crazy people there that has turned that place into nothing more than a sewer. they can have it.


  1. The lady would say (angrily): Mister, do you mind? I’m trying to photograph here and you’re bombing all my shots.
    You tip your hat like a gentleman: so sorry ’bout that.
    It turned out the lady was one of those fashion model/designers who needs a shot at any angle.

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      1. I must have a trustworthy face because whenever I’m traveling and I have my camera with me a number of people will hand me their camera so I can take their picture.

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  2. Have you ever noticed that in all your stories you’re completely mindingyour own business? 😀
    So tell me what you were really thinking ^^

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    1. well, that’s cuz I’m a good kid and I was just enjoying the view and all of nature’s wonders.

      yeh. that’s what I was thinking.


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