Question for you

So there I was standing out by the Eiffel Tower (hey, I’ve actually done it) completely minding my own business and being a great example of what a tourist should be like.  Yeh, I know it’s hard to believe but I was totally a poster boy of what a good Catholic kid would look like.  Suddenly this lady came up to me and said _______________. (fill in the blank)

Feel free to use your creative imaginations to your limit.

Being the notorious monoglot that I am, I have no earthly clue what she said in what ever language and all I could do is smile and say “Huh???

56 responses to “Question for you

  1. The lady would say (angrily): Mister, do you mind? I’m trying to photograph here and you’re bombing all my shots.
    You tip your hat like a gentleman: so sorry ’bout that.
    It turned out the lady was one of those fashion model/designers who needs a shot at any angle.

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  2. Have you ever noticed that in all your stories you’re completely mindingyour own business? 😀
    So tell me what you were really thinking ^^

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    • well, that’s cuz I’m a good kid and I was just enjoying the view and all of nature’s wonders.

      yeh. that’s what I was thinking.