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  1. Just for making your poor imaginary waitress doing her job in heels you should be sentenced to wearing high heels for a week.

    No idea what American waitresses say. Here they would probably ask you whether you’d like another Maß Bier 😉

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  2. The waitress would say (with a southern accent) to you (not to me): Oh my gosh, you’re totally the one who broke my sister’s heart.
    You would think for a minute and would realize this girl has you mistaken for someone else: Oh I’m so sorry ’bout that but I…
    The waitress interrupts: Oh you’re sorry? She spent the night eating a tub of ice cream and now she’s at a fat camp. You’re gonna pay for this. (She throws a drink in your face)
    Now, you’re angry: Hey, wait a minute, I was merely sympathizing. I don’t know your sister. I think you had me confused with someone else. (She shows you a picture) Nope, never met her in my life.
    The waitress gasped: Oh my gosh mister, I’m so sorry. (She offers to dry you up and offers a free meal but you’ve had enough and you stormed out of there)

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