Question for you

So there I was all alone and sitting in a restaurant.  I was being completely minding my own business and being perfectly well behaved (I could swear I heard a snicker coming from the south).  Suddenly this hot looking red headed waitress in one of them short skirts and heels comes up to me and says to me _______________. (fill in the blank)

So what did she say to me?  Feel free to let your imagination run wild and be creative to your lil’ ol’ pea pickin’ heart’s desire.

If it were me I’d say she said “You want fries with that burger?”

27 responses to “Question for you

  1. Just for making your poor imaginary waitress doing her job in heels you should be sentenced to wearing high heels for a week.

    No idea what American waitresses say. Here they would probably ask you whether you’d like another Maß Bier 😉

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  2. The waitress would say (with a southern accent) to you (not to me): Oh my gosh, you’re totally the one who broke my sister’s heart.
    You would think for a minute and would realize this girl has you mistaken for someone else: Oh I’m so sorry ’bout that but I…
    The waitress interrupts: Oh you’re sorry? She spent the night eating a tub of ice cream and now she’s at a fat camp. You’re gonna pay for this. (She throws a drink in your face)
    Now, you’re angry: Hey, wait a minute, I was merely sympathizing. I don’t know your sister. I think you had me confused with someone else. (She shows you a picture) Nope, never met her in my life.
    The waitress gasped: Oh my gosh mister, I’m so sorry. (She offers to dry you up and offers a free meal but you’ve had enough and you stormed out of there)

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