Question for you

So there I was all alone and sitting in a restaurant.  I was being completely minding my own business and being perfectly well behaved (I could swear I heard a snicker coming from the south).  Suddenly this hot looking red headed waitress in one of them short skirts and heels comes up to me and says to me _______________. (fill in the blank)

So what did she say to me?  Feel free to let your imagination run wild and be creative to your lil’ ol’ pea pickin’ heart’s desire.

If it were me I’d say she said “You want fries with that burger?”

Random thoughts for Hump Day morning.

I’ve noticed lately that work has been getting in the way of me posting up a normal morning post.  There goes that doggone work thingee getting in the way once again.  Why can’t I hit the lotto so I can stay home or go around the world putting chalk on rocks or see what coffee tastes like in Belgium of something like that?  Oh well.

My mind has been seriously at work thinking out some logistics.  I’m somewhat distracted but at the end of the day there will be very little left to chance once I’ve thought thru it.  I hate sudden surprises.

I also hate this new keyboard.  I keep hitting the “Caps Lock” button and the next thing ya know everything is in caps.  Ugh!

I get to do yard work this weekend if the weather cooperates.  It doesn’t sound like much to some but I’m looking forward to getting outside after a long and cold winter.  All of our snow and ice is gone and the ponds close to me have no ice on them.  The ducks and geese are back with a vengeance now.  I’m expecting the Yellow Finches to return in about a month and that doesn’t leave a whole lotta time to get a feeder ready for them.

It’s nice out there other than the grey skies.  Maybe I’ll go for a walk at lunch time.

More later.  Feel free to comment and/or leave an exuberant “Hello!” if’n ya want.