Tuesday Night


We’re back to October type weather once again for this part of central Minnesota.  Cool at night and warm during the day.  The sun came out today and put out this wonderful warming yellow glow on all of us here.  The deck soaked a lot of it up and it felt so warm on my bare feet when I was standing on it after work.  I stood there just soaking all it from my bare feet up.

But just like an October day, the sun began it set and the air became cooler.  And with the cooler air the deck and the evening air began to cool off.  I had to close the windows that were opened to let in some fresh air.  I stepped out on to the deck and I could feel it getting cooler.  It’s almost a bit of a disappointment.  No matter.  The weather is warming once again and it will stay warmer soon.

I love Spring days like these.


Yeh, I have to wear a heavy jacket in the morning when I start my morning commute but that’s a small price to pay after a long winter.  I can always unzip it or take it off all together.  But the sun is up, construction out my window continues and things are acting like they want to green up.

It’s all good.