Monday Night


This is a nice night to be watching “Kiss Me Kate” on the tube considering there’s nothing else on that I wanna watch.  There’s a hunderty billionty channels on the tube and this is all that I wanna watch.  Amazing.  Maybe I should rethink this whole TV thingee.  It’s OK considering they don’t make movies like this anymore.  I know the girls loved watching “Singing in the Rain” the other week.

I read last year that adding used coffee grounds to my garden bed is good if I want to get the ph level closer to 6.5 which is good for potatoes.  The question of the day is “How much is too much?” which hasn’t been answered yet.  But it’s good considering I still have like two months before I’ll be planting my sweet potatoes and it gives me quite a while to add them along with some new soil.  It’s so scientific and I’m wondering if I can remember all of it.  Maybe I need to keep notes.

Random Thoughts for Monday Lunch Time


I’ve only been trying since around 8:30AM (0830) to get this written and posted.  It’s been one thing after another getting in the way.  Gee, aren’t I supposed to be working?  I hate it when work gets in the way of my WP efforts.

One advantage to this time of year is having the window open so I can have some fresh air.  It’s warm enough to open the window but boy can the breeze be cool.  It’s kept my MacBook nice and cool tho.  It loves being heat free.   🙂

This is the year that all lawn services have finally priced themselves out of my budget.  So now I get to get grass once again.  Unfortunately I had to buy a lawn tractor given the size of lot that I have.  My oldest has already set down rules concerning my grands riding on it with me.  Rules.  Pffft!  I don’t need no stinking rules.

I need a place to store it now that I have the yard implement of destruction coming.  I’ve been considering a lawn shed for the longest time and now I have to budget for one so I can store it and clear out my garage while I’m at it.  And of course I do nothing cheap because I want it to outlast me so I have to budget accordingly.

We build the new raised bed this coming weekend.  Maybe it’s just me but I’m really looking forward to it.  I’ve even put some thought into building a rock wall when I terrace the berm so the gummys would have a place to do some chalk art.  It’s a thought.

OK, back to work.  Feel free to comment or even leave a big “HOWDY!” if you want.