So It’s Time to Get Serious


The gummys and I opened up one of those plant starter trays and we commenced to setting it up, sticking some pea seeds in it and then we gave it a nice drink of water.  The grow light is plugged back in to the timer and I got the plant heat pad underneath to warm it all up.  I told the girls that maybe in two or three weeks we will have some plants to transplant into our one bed.  They kinda liked that.

We only used half of the starter plugs and I put the other half aside for now.  I still have a new bed to build here fairly soon so I can have it just as soon as the lawn sprinklers get turned back on.  We get the one sprinkler head relocated and we can get the new bed in place.  Then we can get that load of garden soil to fill it up and so we can top off the other beds as well.

We’re looking good for a new growing season.