Question for you

So there you were walking down the sidewalk in your neighborhood completely minding your own bizness and being the model of what a perfect citizen and good neighbor would look like.  Suddenly this dude jumps out of one of your neighbor’s hedges and confronts you saying …

Ha!  There you are.  I’ve finally found you.  I now scoff at you.  Scoff, scoff, scoff.

So you’re standing there thinking __________. (fill in the blank)

What were you thinking?  Feel free to allow you imagination to run rampant.

If it were me I’d be thinking “Dude.  Have you completely lost your damn mind?  Are you that Gary guy that Jason is always blaming?  Why are you bothering me.  Take your silly self to Colorado and harass him for crying out loud!  OMG!  You’re not Gary!  You’re that Donald Trump guy!  OMG!  Don’t you know that there are lil’ kids, lil’ ol’ blue haired ladies and priests around here?  What are you trying to do?  Make them die laughing at you??  Put some clothes on for Pete’s sake!  Is that a toupee you’re wearing or has a rabid squirrel taken up residence on your head?

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