Jars will come to fear my power


Stubborn jar lids will soon shake in fear my new found powers.  Soon they will be saying “The force is strong with this one.”

This is what they get when they are confronted with a man with a good credit card, a stubborn determination, an America’s Test Kitchen and an Amazon.com account.

47 responses to “Jars will come to fear my power

  1. In Sweden a food company’s new easy-open lids are bifurcated. The middle portion is vacuum sealed with the can and an outer movable ring opens or closes the can at the rotational movements.

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  2. Score one for “our” side. Even with my very week hands and wrists I seldom resort to mine because pounding those jar lid edges on my linoleum kitchen floor helps rid me of a lot of pent up aggression. Particularly the one shit I have to heat up the dinner.
    ps: Goddesses are meant to have a host of personal “servants” read-slaves who heat up AND wash for you. giggle

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  3. Amen! Let’s hear it for the manly men who can open jars for us. Also wine corks!

    I sometimes think I’d be divorced by now, but then I’d have no one around to force our ancient can opener to actually open cans.

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