Hump Day Morning


Well, it’s Hump Day morning, my stuff is all caught up and I’ sitting back slurping down a cuppa coffee while I try to think of something.  Our poor building looks worse for wear right now with the demo crews who came in an removed all of the glass from the first floor office areas.  They’ll finish knocking down the walls and whatever else is in the way to make way for the new walls that they want to put up.  I still don’t know why we’re still here since we’re the last tenants.  They could let a good number of us work from home if they really wanted to but they won’t.  No, it’s more of an attitude of keeping everyone right under their thumbs where they can see you.  Pfft!

But the best news that I heard this morning (No, Trump did not resign) was to listen to the long range weather forecast.  Temps are no on the steady climb up from this point forward.  That was something good to hear before I left for my morning commute.  What made it even better was to see that there is this little mound of that icky bad white stuff left at the bottom of my drive.  That won’t last long and to that I say “Good riddance to it!”

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