Tuesday Night


I’ve been thinking a lot lately about how the seasons are finally changing and how a dying seasons tries to drag itself out.  I realize that I’m an immigrant to this part of the country and how I’m not a native Minnesotan.  God only knows the strange looks that I get when I tell someone that I don’t care for hockey, I’ve never played hockey and we never had hockey as a organized sport when I was in high school.  I get that look like I’m a Martian or some other type of space alien that has been somehow transported to this part of the Earth.

So whenever I start to talk about just how long any given winter lasts here in central Minnesota I get this look like “And that’s different how from the rest of the country?”  I find it difficult at times to continually try to adapt to the weather here and I suppose I will never truly be considered to be a true or even reluctantly adopted Minnesotan.  It’s a powerful idea to think for a moment that I could attempt to fool into thinking I actually love the 3 and one half seasons that we get here.

OK, I misstated that … 1 long one followed by a real short one followed a somewhat longer one followed by another shot one.  Guess which one is that “long one“.

Tuesday morning


Early Spring is kind of a love/hate thingee that I have here in central Minnesota.  I love it because that icky bad white stuff is melting or has melted away along with that nasty looking grey ice.  The ponds are thawing out leaving the surface free with exposed water and ducks and geese are all huddled up on them.  And I start checking my trees looking for the signs of new buds which means my crab apple blossoms aren’t too far away.  I love those things when they blossom.  They smell so sweet.

I also hate it because it looks a lot warmer out there than what it actually is.  This generally results in me getting sick cuz I wasn’t paying attention to the actual temps cuz my Mother raised an idiot.  Ugh!

Hey!  The sun is out and the sky is blue.  It’s all good.