So a Happy First Day of Spring to you!


Of course that assumes that you live on the Northern Hemisphere.  I’ve been sitting here watching the sun duck in and out of the clouds.  One minute it’ sunny and the next it’s all clouded over.  It’s like that here in central Minnesota.  But it’s all good since Marc is rapidly slipping away and April isn’t that far away now.

My little indoor potato growing experiment had to be terminated.  Man were those things starting to smell God awful.  Plus the water was getting awfully slimy.  It’s all OK tho since it taught me what I wanted to know.  My problem is that I was two months too early with doing this.  I’ve made all sorts of mental notes on this and I know where I’m going with this.  We’ll come back to this and try again around mid-May.

In the mean while we will be working on a different experiment this weekend.  I think I’ll get me one or two of those trays where we just plant the seed in pre-filled trays, water and keep under a grow light.  I think I can start my peas that way and transfer once the beds thaw out and warm up some more.  It will give the girls something to help with.

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